Hi, My name is Captain Dan Boileau: Aside from being the owner of Tight Line Sportfishing, I am a full time Walleye Guide, Tournament Angler and Fishing & Boating Educator.

I'd like to welcome you to the TLS website and the opportunity to review our complete lineup of products and services! Much of the information you'll find in these pages focuses on walleye fishing on Western Lake Erie and the Detroit River - simply because that's my specialty and my home water.  I'm not completely one dimensional however! I have chased my favorite species on most of Michigan's well known walleye waters as well as many other locations throughout the Mid-West. I've even been known to enjoy fishing for a few other species from time to time as well.

These pages, however, reflect far more than just my experience! I consider myself extremely fortunate to be closely associated with many fine fishermen who have not only helped me to become better at what I do, but who have contributed to the richness and diversity of the information in this website as well! Thanks in large part to them, I believe the following pages may just contain a little something for everyone. Especially those who are interested in catching more walleyes on Lake Erie and the Detroit River!