Soft Plastic Baits

What we have learned over many years of vertical jigging the Detroit River is that you seldom, if ever, need live bait and you certainly do not need an infinite variety of soft plastic bodies. Just two basic shapes have emerged as our favorites and they cover our jig fishing 99% of the time: Paddle Tail Worms & Minnow Imitators in a modest variety of colors to cover the spectrum of water clarity and dominant forage we have here.

If you are planning a jigging trip on the Detroit or Saint Clair Rivers any time soon, you're going to want to stock up on these baits before you hit the water!

Offered in 19 of our favorite colors!
(10 Per Package On Standard Colors. 8 Per Package on Tail Colors)

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Hand's down, our favorite "Minnow Imitator" is the 4" Fin-S Fish From Lunker City! Although many other baits of this type will work well on the Detroit & Saint Clair Rivers, We have literally caught thousands of walleyes on these Fin-S baits and seldom find it necessary to reach for a different type of plastic minnow - or even a live one for that matter!

Fin-S Fish

$4.40 Per Package


Fin-S Fish

Color Chart

1. Pearl

2. Chartreuse Sparkle

3. Silk Chartreuse

4. Green Pumpkin

5. Black Sparkle

6. Brown

7. Fire & Ice

8. Purple

9. Blue Ice

Pink -(Not Shown)

Specify Quantity At Shopping Cart!

Also known as "Wyandotte Wonder Worms" to many river angler's, these 4" Paddle Tail Worms are consistently one of the most reliable baits on the Detroit River.

They are just stiff enough to flow naturally behind the jig, yet supple enough to deliver an undulating action that most walleyes just can't resist.


We virtually always rig them with a stinger hook, but seldom find it desirable to pin the hook into the worm body. Just leave it dangle as shown here:

Offered in all of our favorite colors - See Chart Below!

Jigs & Stinger hooks not included!

4" Worms

$2.00 Per Package
(8 Per Package)


Wonder Worms

Don't Forget Your JIGS & Stingers


Blue Ice

Arkansas Shiner

Blue-Blake Flake w/Chartreuse Tail

Golden Shiner

Glow w/Chartreuse Tail



Firetiger w/Firetail

Pumpkin Shad w/Chartreuse Tail

Ice Shad

Rootbeer Shiner

Chartreuse Silk Ice

Shore Minnow

Bubblegum Ice w Chartreuse Tail

Rainbow Trout

Baby Blue Shad

Bubblegum Ice

Black Ice