Seminar Information

Do you have an upcoming event that you are interested in scheduling a professional seminar for? If so, I (Captain Dan) am interested in providing that service for you.

Whether it is a Sports Show, a Club meeting, a Community Education program or  just about anything in between, I have been doing seminars and presentations for many years. My programs are specific, targeted and professionally developed. I also happen to think they are fun and entertaining!

Here's a list of some of my more popular programs:

"GPS Basics"

"Waypoint Management"

"Hand-Lining Basics"

"Lake Erie Walleye Trolling"

"America's Boating Course"
(aka Michigan Boating Safety Course)

If you are interested in one of these programs or something related to these or other walleye fishing topics, please give me a call a to discuss how I can be of assistance. 734-787-8172 or email me at

Thanks for your interest!